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I really enjoyed reading and can relate as a woman reaching 50 and enjoying having more space in public. I’m really not interesting in flirting however I want to connect human to human - I feel like the older I get, the easier it is! Thanks for sharing this!!

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I love this so much, Julia!! I definitely was brainwashed in junior high and high school that I was expected to be "pretty" simply because I was a young woman. Like it was my duty. UGH I hate thinking about it now, how I plastered so much makeup on my face for other people! However, now, in my 30s, I have embraced skin care as a self care practice. I'm experimenting with all kinds of moisturizers and toners and serums because it makes me feel good to take a moment to appreciate my skin at night. But the most important thing is - I'm doing it *for me.* I spent too many years trying to be pretty for other people (and doing god knows what kind of damage with sub-par makeup lol) that I'm really excited to be showing my skin some real love now. Oh and that gross male gaze can go right to hell.

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